Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Meeting the varied needs of the maritime industry's workforce, from onboarding crew members to managing and troubleshooting various devices, is paramount. A Unified Endpoint Management Solution (UEMS) offers comprehensive integration for device management and endpoint security, ensuring seamless operations while safeguarding sensitive data.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central

The relentless pursuit of cyber threats poses significant risks to maritime networks. A single unauthorized device, unmonitored browser, or malicious application can compromise the entire network. Given the expanding array of endpoints within maritime networks, manual tracking of vulnerabilities is impractical. Hence, deploying a UEMS solution like ManageEngine’s Endpoint Central, becomes imperative to proactively manage and secure endpoints, mitigating potential cybersecurity threats effectively.

How can our UEMS solution help your organization:

  • Comprehensive device oversight
  • Streamline OS and third-party application updates
  • Facilitate remote workforce support
  • Proactive identification and rectification of network vulnerabilities
  • Browser plug-ins monitoring
  • Application blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Minimize the risk of data breaches within the corporate environment
  • Optimize hardware and software expenditure
  • Seamless integration with diverse help desk solutions
  • OS and third-party patch management and deployment
  • Data leakage mitigation
  • Endpoint privilege management

Addressing the unique needs of shipping companies

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