Identity and Access Management

As the maritime industry grapples with a surge in data breaches, it becomes imperative for organizations to implement governance practices and tools to mitigate threats and enhance operational efficiency. With the proliferation of remote work, breaching corporate perimeters has become increasingly effortless. Many maritime enterprises store and share a vast volume of workload data across diverse on-premises and cloud applications. This underscores the importance of deploying granular access control solutions to address authentication requirements.

ManageEngine AD360 and ManageEngine PAM360

The inner workings of a Windows network are buried in event logs and using native tools to analyze this data demands expertise and time.

ADAudit Plus simplifies this analysis by providing instant ready-to-consume information on activities across Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Windows servers, and workstations.

How can you leverage our IAM solutions for your organization:

  • Streamline remote work transition
  • Single sign-on (SSO) enablement
  • Secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure security
  • Privileged access pathways monitoring
  • Real-time session monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Sensitive information sharing control
  • Remote users' identities effective management
  • Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Zero Trust principles implementation
  • Behavior-based security analytics
  • Routine tasks automation

Addressing the unique needs of shipping companies

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