Advanced IT Analytics

In today's maritime enterprises, a diverse array of monitoring and management applications is utilized to oversee various IT functions, including front-end help desk management, infrastructure monitoring, cybersecurity, project management, and Active Directory management. These applications collectively generate vast amounts of data daily. Despite this abundance of data, maritime IT departments often struggle to extract actionable insights from it.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus

What maritime enterprise IT teams require is not generic analytics solutions, but specialized analytics tools capable of extracting valuable insights from the multitude of IT data sources. ManageEngine Analytics Plus, leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze IT data, identify patterns, and apply them to existing challenges. It also enables predictive insights, allowing for proactive infrastructure maintenance and the anticipation of potential opportunities and challenges before they arise.

What can our Advanced IT Analytics solution offer to your organization:

  • IT infrastructure critical challenges addressing
  • IT management workflows visualization
  • Proactive planning
  • Streamlined alarm management
  • Endpoint compliance with organizational policies
  • Integrated data analysis utilization
  • Improved efficient decision-making
  • Incident frequency reduction
  • Infrastructure performance maximization
  • Internal and external threats prevention
  • Security and usability balance maintenance
  • Central employee productivity monitoring and management

Addressing the unique needs of shipping companies

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